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Isolation Station is a 3D puzzle game where the player is tasked with ensuring that a spaceship remains repaired and space worthy during a long voyage. To accomplish this task, you must repair the various facilities around the ship by linking together the misplaced molecules contained within these broken facilities.


Along with this growing workload, further reaches of the ship will also be unlocked as various facilities are repaired and the cycles progress, you will access to new sights and new problems to solve.


What secrets do the does the spaceship hide? You will have to play and find out! 

>This game features keyboard and controller support. When playing, keyboard is recommended. 

>A game by Team Robo.  Thank you for playing :)

Connor Redwine https://money-pockets.itch.io/

Alyssa Jackson  https://catalysst.itch.io/

Steve Jester https://sjester.itch.io/

Cynthia Sheard https://bittersweetcyn.itch.io/

Adam Larson

James Martin

A.J. Fulco https://ajfulco.itch.io/

Jonathan Byrne

Ryan Martin https://ryan-martin.itch.io/

Chris Trimbach

Jacob Kaplan

Yue Yu


Robo.zip 113 MB

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