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Journey Through Geocress May 18, 2022 Patch Notes
Hello everyone! First, thank you so much for playing Mole Maiden. I wanted to take a moment to give a huge shout out to the speed running community! So many coo...
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Thank you for playing Mole Maiden!!!
Hey all! This is A.J., the developer of Mole Maiden here!! I just wanted to say to everyone who has played Mole Maiden so far, a very humble "Thank you!" It's b...
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Update 2021-11-19-
Fixed Bugs: Christmas tree lock up when loading into the main menu and loading back into another save file. Broken Main Menu functionality. Ability to get out o...
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Halloween Update 2021
New in game map system First Rooms of the games opening New Abilities Fixed Drilling Cutscenes Improved opening area...
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Mole Maiden Devlog August 2021
Introductions: Hello and welcome to the month of September. The month of August was a very long one, I got a new job, finished my Japanese class, started my sen...
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Mole Maiden Progress Report 7/22/2021
Hello and welcome to the update for the month of July. In my last post, I talked about how this month Penny's movement code was going to be finished. Well I am...
​ Mole Maiden June 2021 Update
Hello everyone, the month of June is ending so that means it’s time for another update on the progress of Mole Maiden. Currently I am trying to figure out whe...
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Mole Maiden Update 04/12/2021
Today's update features the following. Fully functional keyboard support. A new health bar The ability to reset the level with a button press You can talk to Co...
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